Thursday, July 5, 2012


Have you ever felt a connection with someone whom you have never even met?  I'm experiencing this feeling for the first time.  The only commonalities that might explain this connection are that 1) I have a son 2) I spent 4th through 11th grades in this family's town or 3) I long for unshakable faith.

The Erwin family is experiencing every parents' worst fear.  Their son is dying. Trey was a seemingly healthy young man, and then suddenly he was sick and given months to live. He is 15. His birthday is July 31. 16 was their goal. It's not going to happen.

Because of Facebook friends in Collierville, I learned about this family's journey.  I learned about the faith they have...the wisdom of a 15 year old boy...and the heartache felt by a community.  I have followed their journey through Trey's mother's journal.
I have cried. I have laughed. I have prayed.

I look at my son and think about the fact that nothing is certain. I must raise him to love God and to have the faith that I struggle with myself. I must instill in him a sense of self, confidence, and the knowledge that God is the only one who will ALWAYS be there.

God is paying attention to my struggle. I truly feel that he knows I am ready.  He knows I long for a deep relationship with him. I know he is paying son asked if I would pray with him last night. Granted, at first I thought he said, in his best British accent, "Would you like to play with me?" which caused me to look at him as if he were crazy. It took me a moment to realize he said "pray". We went to his room and prayed. I explained that I may be a bit shaky because I don't pray out loud in front of others. He was wonderful. When I couldn't find the words, he said them. He didn't laugh at my prayer. He took it very seriously. What a wise young man. He is leading me and doesn't even know it.

Trey Erwin has touched my life. Lisa Erwin has touched my life. I pray for peace and understanding for their entire family. God has used them to reach so many. They will never know all the lives they have touched and changed.